Traffic Noise

Software Solutions for Emission Modelling

Road and Railway Noise

LimA is the industry's choice for road and railway noise impact assessment and mitigation planning. It outcompetes any other noise software in computation speed and model handling and offers the broadest range of calculation standards. Wether you want to optimize building height of noise barriers to shield residents from traffic noise emissions or calculate emissions from a newly planned railway line: LimA gets the job done, quickly and efficiently.

Traffic Noise

Consultants, urban planners and municipialities around the globe use LimA every day to analyse traffic noise emissions and to find sustainable solutions that protect residents from unhealthy sound exposure. LimA supports the most complete collection of road and rail noise calculation standards on the market such as CNOSSOS, ISO 9613, CRTN, RMR-SRM2, XPS 31, RLS 90, RVS 3.02, OAL 28, SCHALL 03, TRANSRAPID, ├ľAL 20, CRN, VBUS, VBUSch.

Barrier Optimization

LimA has implemented state-of-the-art barrier optimization which allows you to construct any noise barrier as efficient as possible. Simply choose one or several receptor points and designate the noise limit that shall not be exceeded with the barrier. Then define a barrier line comprised of as many or few segments as you wish. LimA will calculate an optimized barrier design that minimizes construction costs and delivers on the limits set by you.

Road Profile Design

Noise assessment for roads and railways has to incorporate terrain changes due to construction parameters because they can change the way and magnitude of noise propagation. For this application, LimA has incorporated its own road construction object that let's you define the road profile parameters and compute a new terrain model, based on these inputs. Additionally you can also import your AutoCAD DXF files and reconstruct the terrain according to your specifications.