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Sports Ground Noise

LimA is the only product in the market that has a dedicated sports ground noise assessment module integrated in its software. The sports ground noise assessment is based on the ISO 9613/ TA Lärm directive. It accounts for the particular noise intricacies of ball-ground impacts and is the standard calculation framework for tennis courts in Germany and beyond.

ISO 9613/ TA Lärm

The 18. BimSchG is a German law which gives restriction for sport activities in the neighbourhood of settlements. It defines limit values for noise levels induced by sport for different periods of the day with a special treatment of Sundays. The emissions of the sport related sources is computed by the software based on the input of the time attributes that describe the periods of activity. For calculation the user has to select at least two of these periods. Each period is defined by day of the week and day, evening or rest period.