Software Solutions for Emission Modelling

Ambient Noise Calculation

LimA is one of the most widely used software packages for calculating ambient noise of industrial plants, roads and railways, airtraffic as well as sports grounds. It allows you to perform viablity studies across a range of different obstacle, receiver and emitter scenarios. Wether you want to calculate the emissions of a new shopping mall, an inner-city road network or an international airport: LimA handles all these tasks with ease.

Road and Rail Noise

LimA can be used through the famous QGIS interface, making digitizing and layer creating easy and straight-forward

Industry Noise

While capable of the whole range of industrial noise calculations, LimA adds processing options that facilitate decision-making and optionally includes on-site measurements to complement obscure noise scenarios.

Sports Ground Noise

LimA is the only product in the market that has a dedicated sports ground noise assessment module integrated in its software. The sports ground noise assessment is based on the ISO 9613/ TA Lärm directive. It accounts for the particular noise intricacies of ball-ground impacts and is the standard calculation framework for tennis courts in Germany and beyond.