Software Solutions for Emission Modelling

User Interfaces

LimA is available in two user interfaces, the LimA Pro and LimAQ interface. Every LimA license includes the LimA Pro interface but the LimAQ interface can be added to any LimA Pro installation from version 19.2.3 or later. The main difference between the two is their range of functions and how the user interacts with it. To make it short, if you are looking to compute individual noise projects and you appreciate an intuitive GIS environment, we recommend you to purchase the QGIS plugin. If you lean more towards large volume projects that need automated model prepping and computation, we recommend you to dive into the LimA Pro environment to make the most out of Lima's superb batch scripting and macro language capabilities.

Intuitive QGIS Interface

With the newly available plugin, LimA can be accessed via QGIS. This means that you can do all your model prep in the intuitive QGIS environment and start your calculation with an extremely user-friendly interface. All main functionalities like road-, rail- and industry noise are available. From within QGIS you can start your noise calculation and open the results, once the calculation has finished.

LimA Original Interface

Most of our customers have come to love our no-nonsense lean LimA interface over the years which has kept its 90's charme and its bare-bone functional design. The originl LimA interface allows to work with macro commands, thus facilitating high volume model preparation and batch-scripting. The attribute table helps to identify the key aspects of objects within one's sight. Also available is the 3D viewer which allows you to visualize and verify 3D structures.