Our Goal

is to provide you with dedicated software and services to take on the full-range of environmental impact analysis with high efficiency - producing results that will gain the respect and trust of your customers

Why they choose us

Proven Performance

For the past 30 years, our products have proven their performance across a variety of projects, ranging from small-scale applications, such as industrial plant emission modelling, to traffic noise predictions in large cities, such as Madrid or Hong Kong.

Dedicated Support

Your challenge is our challenge. Our customers benefit from an open-door policy and can rely on our help when accepting projects beyond the beaten path. Our experience in consulting keeps us in touch with the reality of environmental emission modelling and translates into continuous improvement and innovation for our products.

Custom Solutions

We believe in lean processes that avoid repeating tasks and redundant work. Our software products are designed to enable clients to tailor them to specific processes and automate their workflows. Any function of our products can be integrated in batch-processes and our extensive library of macros provides for individual solutions to complex problems.


LimA has been independently proven to be the fastest noise propagation software on the market. In the comparison study by Hepworth Acoustics, LimA was compared to three other noise modelling software solutions and was found to calculate almost twice as fast as the next best competitor


We offer additional computation resources with flexible plans so that our customers can upgrade their computational capacity when the need arises. This option enables our customers to tackle large-scale projects, for example computing the world's largest noise map in the UK


Requirements to noise and emission modelling methods change constantly. To ensure that our software and customers are always up-to-date, we actively participate and contribute in all major national and international standard committees such as ISO 17534 (software noise calculation) and DIN 45682 (noise mapping).

Our story

The origins of Stapelfeldt GmbH date back to the 1960’s when Dr. Gerhard Stapelfeldt founded an engineering firm offering consultancy services in building physics with focus on thermal insulation and sealing. With increasing public awareness towards noise pollution and changes in legislation in the late 1980’s, his son Hardy and his wife Ute Stapelfeldt identified the need for a software solution able to handle the complexity of ambient noise calculations while easy to command and customizable to different customer needs. Stapelfeldt GmbH was thus founded in 1990 – the year that the first version of our LimA software suite was launched.

Since then, Stapelfeldt GmbH has become one of the leading suppliers of environmental impact analysis software and has expanded its functional portfolio to air pollution and solar radiation.

In 2006 we entered a partnership with Bruel&Kjaer for the world-wide distribution of the LimA software suite. Further collaborations with DGMR and NGIS resulted in LimA kernels being implemented in the Predictor and ODEN systems software.

Today our software products are used in more than 50 countries on all five continents by acoustic engineers, environmental resource planners, urban planners, transportation planners, mining engineers, aviation authorities, port authorities, municipal- federal- and national governments.

Our clients

We are very fortunate to have developed close relationships with many individuals and companies over the past 30 years. Many friendships have grown from them. Since our early days, we have collaborated with everything from small start-ups to multinational companies with the same partnership approach and dedication at the core of every engagement. The projects evolving from our partnerships take us and our software to places around the world and contribute to the innovation of our products and to the understanding of our customers' needs.

Selected past and current clients

RWE Power AG
BHP Group Plc
Ove Arup Ltd
Wood Plc
National Governments
United Kingdom
Hong Kong
Birmingham UK
Frankfurt am Main
Federal States Germany
North-Rhine Westphalia

Large-scale noise-mapping projects realized with LimA by our clients and / or in collaboration with us

UK-Noise Mapping(2007, 20012, 2017)
Luxembourg Noise Map (2009)
EU Noise Map Hesse
Mecklenburg Vorpommern Noise Map